Jay Jay

entertaining people globally


“Jay Jay is one of those people who brings the fun
energetic vibe to any situation!" - Kristen W, Google

TV Host, YouTuber and Entertainer, Jay Jay has been entertaining and engaging people globally for over 10 years.
He has created and presented content in genres from how-to, pop culture, travel and lifestyle. This diversity has lead him to create the number one how-to magic channel in the world,
with over 350,000k online followers!

Kicking off his career in live theatre, Jay Jay studied the art of magic and illusion to become a full-time working magician by the age of 16 of where he performed at corporate events and private celebrity parties. During this period, Jay Jay also ran a magic/comedy night where he honed his stand-up comedy career before progressing into TV presenting in Asia as a lifestyle and travel host, combining his magic, comedy and audience interaction experience. 

In 2009, he launched YouTube channel, Free Magic Live, an online how-to training program teaching tricks to aspiring magicians in order to impress their friends and family.
To date, Free Magic Live has over 1 million unique views
per month, and over 350,000 subscribers!

Jay Jay's multi-faceted skill-set has enabled him to stand out from other artists, and has lead him to emcee and host events for large companies including Audi, Starbucks, and Virgin.
Jay Jay’s commercial popularity saw him host the biggest YouTube event in Sydney ; the YouTube Fan Fest, a flagship event showcasing the biggest YouTube personalities and entertainers online.

When recently asked how he selected his work and what motivated him, he replied “I’m just so curious about others. I love hearing about people's stories and adventures."

If you’d like to get in touch with Jay Jay, find him via
instagram, or youtube or contact here.

50 million views ONLINE

350,000 online subcribers

engaged people in over 12 countries

worked with virgin, audi, starbucks

hosted travel, lifestyle and how-to

10 years plus as a magician

lived in seven countries

loves entertaining people